Why I Hate Mexicans

01 because they are so loud

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because they are so loud

Mexicans have a very high tolerance to loud ________. I draw a blank because you can fill it with any kind of annoying noise you can think of. Whenever a Mexican does something, it has to be done loud. It can be listening to music. You can spot a car filled with mexicans because they will listen to their music as if we all enjoyed the nasty ranchero songs they like to play. Sometimes the cars will be fixed to have these huge disgusting stereos that play music so loudly that it makes the floor vibrate. And why is it that no one that ever buys a huge loud stereo ever has good taste in music? Back to the point. It is not only music. It is everything. Mexicans do everything loudly. Even if you live in a nice residential neighborhood, you can expect assholes to come around selling their stupid bullshit with big megaphones attached to the top of their cars. It is usually a monotonous voice, yelling out the specials of the day. And heck, it does not stop. It could be morning, afternoon or night. They will come around selling crap by yelling at the top of their lungs, or by using some kind of megaphone. This kind of practice would be banned in any civilized country, but hey, we are talking about Mexico.

Sometimes I laugh when italians get a bad rep about being loud. If you think Italians are loud, it is only because you have not been around a Mexican bunch. Mexicans will yell and it seems to me as if they actually want everyone to hear that they are having a good time. This is fine if you are at a drunken party where everyone is as cheap as you, but not at the movie theater. I once had to shut up a bunch of idiots who were talking at a movie theater. They were not even pretending to whisper. No. They were talking at their normal tone of voice as if they were anywhere but at a movie theater. I think, however, that this fall more under the category of “rudeness” which will be definitely be addressed in a future chapter.

Unfortunately, this loud noise bullshit is contagious to stores. Mexicans are so fucking stupid, that they think that the best way to attract people to your store, is by blaring music as loud as possible. This is common, especially at stores where they sell either (a) food or (b) cell phones or other electronical gadgets. Picture this. You rent a couple of boom boxes, place them on the street and just start playing whatever music. It is not necessary that you even play a CD. You can just tune to your favorite radio station, and force everyone in a 3 block radius to listen to it. Even the commercials. At a grocery store once, I needed to buy some bacon. The place where they sell the bacon, called “salchichonería”, had speakers and they were blaring music at top volume. It was so loud, that I would have suggested that the employees wear ear plugs! This is by no means an exageration. Customers had to shout their orders to the employees, since the music was so loud, that it actually muffled the voices. I talked to the manager and told him that instead of wanting to come over and dance, and that in turn, it would make me by some salami, I was repelled and disgusted by their “music”. By the way, cumbias and rancheras is not music. It is a bunch of idiots hitting the drums, and some asshole singing about drugs. Screw that shit.

Same thing happened at an Office Depot. I’m not sure if it was Office Depot, or Office Max. Doesn’t really matter. You know how they have computers on display? Some idiotic employee had managed to get some music playing—full volume. I went over there and disconnected the speakers. The employees, who were lazily chatting turned to see what had happened to their music. I stared them down and mentally dared them to come over and tell me something. I think they got the idea that a customer was annoyed at their shit. I later talked to the manager of this store too. This time, it was a comprehensive lady who seemed to be afraid of telling her employees that they should not do this thing at home.

Traffic. Don’t get me started on traffic noise. (Traffic and mexican driving skills will be discussed in another chapter). Mexicans honk for EVERYTHING. Even when the delivery guy is at your home, they will not knock on your door or use the bell. They will honk their horn, as if you are to magically know that it is someone looking for you.

I could go on and on. Everything mexicans do is noisy. They even sleep noisy. They don’t seem to care, though. It seems like their ability to hear is diminished somehow. Could it be that they have a mental ability to block out the excessive noise? There are no laws that require you to shut the fuck up near hospitals. There are no laws that require people to regulate their “music”. They don’t even need a permit to blare music on the streets. This doesn’t surprise me, since legislators probably don’t realize how noisy their cities are. And even if they did, I am sure they don’t give a shit.

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Introduction to Why I Hate Mexicans

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Before you start reading any of this, I think it is important that you understand the reason as to why I am writing it. Also, you should know that this is in no way a hateful, bashing webpage that is directed only to Mexicans. In fact, I pretty much hate every single culture on this planet, and I think that people are completely stupid—at best.

I guess it will be obvious for people to think that I am a white trash redneck that lives in Oklahoma, and that I base my writing on the occasional friction I’ve had with the Mexicans at Home Depot, or that I have just watched too many Hollywood films and have come to unfairly stereotype the culture. First off, I was born in Mexico, and I have lived in this country all my life. I am in my late twenties and I do believe that I know what I am talking about. You might think I am lying, because my English is not far from perfect and I make less spelling and grammar mistakes than the above average Americans. I can assure you, that my primary language is not English, but Spanish, and that I use it every day. I hold a normal job in a Mexican city. I did all my schooling in Mexico. Even my names are typical Hispanic names. All of this has not stopped me from realizing how annoying and cheap Mexican culture is. As you read all the reasons as to why I hate Mexicans, you will most probably agree with me. That is of course, if you have somewhat of a functioning brain. Unfortunately, I presume that most of the people that will read this thesis are either idiotic Mexicans [pleonasm], or hard core racists that are just searching for their bigotry fix.

So why am I writing this is English? I guess this question is a valid one, and it is no wonder that I am asking it myself. I write this in English because it is the most spoken language as either a first language or a second one. Thus, I am making this content available to a majority of people. In other words, if I wrote this in Spanish, only Spanish speaking people would be able to read it. But English seems to have a more universal tone to it. I might do a translation some day, if I find the time and I care enough to do so. In a way, how will Mexicans better themselves if they don’t even know what it is they are doing wrong?

I am certain that there will be those who will think I am very easily annoyed. This is actually true, but I am in no way bitter. I have a good, productive job. I make a decent living. I live with my wonderful family, which includes my beautiful wife and my amazing children. I enjoy life, indeed. But there are so many things that annoy me about this country, and its people, that I decided to write about it. It is the perfect way to vent, and hopefully, someone will actually read it and change their ways. Although, I doubt it, I really doubt it….